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On Friday the 27th of May 2016 the Bosch Innovation Challenge took place at Bosch Thermotechnology in Deventer. During this innovative day an enthusiastic group of university students, with different study backgrounds, visited us to experience working at Bosch.

To give these students a good overview of working at Bosch (Thermotechnology) we started the day with an extensive company presentation. Thanks to this presentation, they now know that we do not only develop household appliances at Bosch. Kim, one of our youngest staff members at Bosch Thermotechnology, gladly shared her personal experiences about working as a highly skilled young professional at Bosch Thermotechnology.

Subsequently there was the opportunity to look around in our production facility, where all our boilers and heating systems are produced. And of course there was the short pitch, in which we challenged the students to tell us in a few minutes: who they are, what they stand for and what their goals are for the future. Not an easy thing to do ‘right on the spot’, but we were amazed by how well everyone performed. Great work!

After an extensive lunch it was time for the Challenge: employees of Thermotechnology had prepared practical case studies, in which small groups of students were challenged to come up with innovative solutions. We found it very inspiring to see these groups working together on our cases with a lot of passion and without knowing each other. It was inspiring to hear everyone discuss our products, with such a fresh vision.

At the end of the day it was our turn for a challenge: we had to point out a winner of the cases. Not an easy job because of the different subjects, but that did not spoil the fun for the desirable price! After a joint ending with a snack and drink we all went home with a good feeling. Bosch has experienced the Innovation Challenge as a very successful and fun day!

Below we have posted some pictures. Nice to take a look at :-).

Pictures: Bosch and Natural Talent

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